Architectural Intervention at Silo City
Lost industries of Buffalo’s river are reflected in this reverie. The water's edge is trimmed back to engage the empty warehouse building shell and a series of meandering pathways between water and land extend the space of the river through Bounded Fluidity. Edges are bound by curved glass panels appear to emerge from and disappear into the water and soar upward to the sky. Layered in variegated blue hues - dark, light, frosted, clear – the glazed surfaces empathize with and mimic the transformative character of the river – liquid, vapor, and solid - recalling its once ice-harvesting function. Further transmuted by Buffalo’s moody atmospheric conditions, the visitor is drawn into ever-changing impressions. Viewed from a distance, the overlapping glass panels behave as a multivalent lens, illuminating the silent river that once gave life to the towering concrete silos.
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