Molded glass blown pieces informed by Goethe’s Theory of Colours unite with their slip cast clay counterparts to generate a luminous facade screen system of varying degrees of porosity that mediate indoor and outdoor, private and public, darkness and light. Fitting with ideas for the resurrection of Rand Hall, a historic building, as Cornell University new Fine Arts Library, temporal window installations reclaim light in a densely occupied space to bring critical attention to the boundaries and barriers of a building’s limits and dual faces – its skin. These vertical landscapes transform how the wall-boundary operates through a peripheral connection to the campus it is situated in. Activated by altering viewpoints of the visitor and external environments, perceptual realties co-evolve through a blurring of colorful atmospheres and collapsed landscapes. Original molds and artifacts are displayed, accompanied by individual project catalogues documenting process and product.
Images courtesy Cornell University. Photography by William Staffeld
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