The unoccupied silo structures stand somewhere between monuments and colossal sculptures. Organized along the routes once used to move grain - the sinuous river and diverging rail lines - the visitors can never attain a holistic understanding of the buildings on the site.​​​​​​​
A series of glass “lenses” replace parts of existing building surfaces to create transparencies that draw the visitors seamlessly through the structures. Inspired by the magnifying effect of the vortex-like blown glass volumes, building fragments are re-stitched through elongated and compressed perspectival views and color rendition to compose new Field Visions. Lime green tones meld with the subdued concrete environment to render an enlivened flourished state of the grain elevators. The glass volumes slide, hover and peel away from walls and the ground to generate blurred edges between glass surfaces and their resulting pools of light – resulting in an elusive quality of being inseparable, making the realms of landscape and architecture undecipherable. At sunset and sunrise, the optical phenomena of the convex lenses cast red reflections heightening the green light.
        Short Film of Field Visions.
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