Architectural Intervention at Silo City
Sanctum of Light disguises Buffalo’s Perot Grain Elevator as a secret sacred forest. Generated by the surface behavior of hanging weighted mesh cloth, immense dark green glass vessel skylights suspended from the silo tops portray an inverted tree-scape dripping in greenish dew. The hyper-caustic glass surfaces refract light, bath the dormant interiors in splaying hues, and draw the visitor's gaze upward toward the sky. An array of metal silo hopper-funnels flipped to point upward and set on the ground beneath each cylinder garnishes a submerged room like an overturned ceiling into a garden of landscaped mounds. Beyond, a tapestry of sliced vessels composes a façade wall of patterned window portals scaled to the human body, distorting contextual views and allowing the visitor to contemplate past histories. Conversing through luminous effects, these spaces create an otherworldly diaphanous light in a darkened chamber - a sanctuary for reflection.
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