This studio revisits Reyner Banham’s Concrete Atlantis and his ideas around the machine-age aesthetic that fell short to integrate technology. He claimed the modernists of the 20’s treated the machine as aesthetic. While excited about building technologies and new systems, he felt they failed to realize their goals and had to use metaphorical and symbolic means to represent their intentions. Working at the edge of experiments towards buildable proposals these projects aim to fulfill Banham’s dream by uniting various scales: industrial and artisanal craft, materials and histories, structures and environments - with glass as the leading actor. ​​​​​​​Glass artifacts are reimagined at the architectural scale to inform speculative interventions of literal and phenomenal transparency for the city of Buffalo’s post-industrial brutalist iconic monuments: its grain elevators.
Site Visit, Silo City, Buffalo, NY, March 6, 2020
  Lit Auras
Interventions as Atmospheres of Light

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