Architectural Intervention at Silo City
Buffalo’s austere Perot Elevator is enlivened by a kaleidoscopic universe through which to marvel its brutalist concrete landscape. The 3x3 silo grid tower tops are remade using semi-cylindrical glass surfaces in various finishes. Folded, curved, clear, colored, mirrored, textured, smooth, paired and rotated in a clockwise fashion towards each of the eight inter-cardinal directions – to collectively become one immersive field of light. Convex and concave glass exaggerate reflected imagery, sharp angles break it down, and light plays out a multitude of reflections, refractions and shadows, enveloping the viewer infinitely inward. Individual silo boundaries are diffused, turning all into a warm atmospheric glow, while overlaying spatial relationships of literal and phenomenal transparency create ambiguities and illusions of an iconic past. From below, our eyes adjust to the dark enclosed spaces, then refocused by giant light wells, as lit atmospheres cast by the moving sun dance on the silo’s inner faces.
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