Architectural Intervention at Silo City
What if it were possible to occupy the outer opaque concrete boundary of Buffalo's grain silos, as if your body’s breath could be sensed by the river – a living pulse beneath a new skin under Vital Pressure? A “bubble within a bubble” becomes the impetus for concave shells layered inside one another in pink flesh-like colored glass. Similar to the way the blown glass bubble emerges from its plaster mold, glazed surfaces nest between convex surfaces of the colliding cylinders and ooze outward towards the river. Shaped to envelope the human body, these bubbles evoke the sense of inhabiting a womb-like chamber within the monumental scale of the silos. The double curvature distorts and colors its surroundings, turning the hazy sky and dark canal into a warm glow, amplifying the essence of sunset, at all times of day and night.
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